Transformational Approach

SoftVue™ incorporates a singularly unique approach in transducer design utilizing a uniform ring configuration. This remarkable imaging capability gathers not only reflected echoes, but quantifies the signals transmitted through the breast. The tomographic coronal image presentation delivers an unrivaled view of the structure of breast tissue, and depicts tissue attributes of sound speed and attenuation that can assist physicians in distinguishing normal tissue from areas of concern. In combination with standard mammography, SoftVue has shown to increase sensitivity by 20% and specificity by 8% at the BIRADS 3 threshold when screening dense breast patients. 


Dense Breast Tissue Imaging

It is now widely understood that mammography alone is not sufficient to detect breast cancer for women with dense breasts.

Mammography demonstrates variances in the attenuation of x-radiation as it passes through tissue. The challenge with dense breast tissue is that it can have similar attenuating properties as cancer, so a sufficient level of variance may not be appreciated by mammography, particularly problematic in the dense breast. Unlike mammography, SoftVue™ is not confounded by breast density and can find masses apart from the dense tissue based on differing acoustic properties.

The SoftVueTM System

SoftVue™ is an unparalleled 3D whole breast ultrasound system positioned as a breakthrough, a first-ever in medical imaging, delivering a transformational approach to breast cancer detection.  Central to SoftVue’s innovation is the circular transducer and proprietary algorithms that power its TriAD™ triple acoustic detection, an ultrafast 360-degree electronic sequencing generating reflection, speed of sound, and attenuation imaging, presenting not only breast tissue structure but tissue characterization as well.

SoftVue’s elegant profile is purposeful, designed to be appealing and approachable.  It presents curved contours, soft lighting, and a gentle new method of patient engagement, advanced by the Sequr™ Breast Interface that centers, shapes, and steadies the breast during the procedure. Patient well-being is a high priority, so custom cushions and supple membranes are incorporated into the system to promote a calm and gentle experience, with no breast compression and no radiation.

SoftVue™ is PMA approved by the FDA indicated for dense breast cancer screening as an adjunct to mammography.

The SoftVueTM Experience

SoftVue™ 3D Whole Breast Ultrasound Tomography System (SoftVue™)

SoftVueTM Exam Process

Subtle recessed lighting contours the SoftVue™ system, with a rainbow of selectable colors to match décor and mood, while an integrated footstep and softly-curved arches for hand placements offer a secure and easy approach.  SoftVue™ features a padded table-top allowing for comfort during the exam.

SoftVue™ is PMA approved by the FDA indicated for dense breast cancer screening as an adjunct to mammography.


Step One – The technologist assists the woman onto the table and helps position her on her stomach.

Step Two – Once on her stomach, one breast is suspended into a warm water reservoir.

Step Three – A soft gel guide, the Sequr™ Breast Interface, engages with the front of the breast to center, shape and steady it during the procedure.

Step Four – The volumetric ring transducer encircles the breast, imaging from the nipple to the chest wall in 2 millimeter intervals.

Step Five – When the scan of the first breast is complete, the patient raises and places her second breast in the water and the same process is employed to complete the scanning process.