Advancing Breast Imaging

Mammography remains the primary screening method for the detection of breast cancer, yet it is now recognized by the medical community, and noted in several clinical studies, that mammography alone is not sufficient for women with dense breasts. Medical professionals are now looking to new technologies to supplement standard screening mammography.


Development of SoftVueTM

Developed by Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc., SoftVue™ 3-D whole breast ultrasound offers a truly new and innovative breakthrough and transformational approach to breast cancer detection. Unlike standard mammography, SoftVue™ is not confounded by dense breast tissue and can find masses apart from dense tissue based on differing acoustic properties.

Central to the system’s innovation is the circular transducer and proprietary algorithms that power TriAD™ triple acoustic detection, an ultra-fast 360-degree electronic sequencing generating reflection, speed of sound, and attenuation imaging, presenting not only breast tissue structure but tissue characterization as well.

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Committed to Progress

Through the development of SoftVue™, Delphinus is truly committed to improving breast cancer detection methods to assist medical professionals and the women they serve, particularly women with dense breast tissue. SoftVue™ has received FDA clearance for diagnostic imaging purposes and is not intended for use as a replacement for screening mammography.

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SoftVue™ 3D Whole Breast Ultrasound Tomography System (SoftVue™)

Guided by Research 

The science behind SoftVue™ is based on several years of ultrasound research conducted within technical and clinical domains.

To learn more about recent SoftVue™ research, please visit the Clinical Research page.

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