Strategic Appointment to Further Growth and Development

Strategic Appointment to Further Growth and Development

Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc., innovator and developer of SoftVue™, a new ultrasound platform that images the entire breast, announced today that Ron Ho has joined their Board of Directors. Mr. Ho’s accomplished career has included multiple executive positions spanning over 20 years within the medical imaging industry, predominantly in ultrasound. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of U-Systems, developer of the somo•Vautomated whole breast ultrasound system. During his tenure, the company achieved the firstand only FDA approval for a breast ultrasound screening indication. Following this, Mr. Ho directed U-Systems through the strategic and successful acquisition by GE Healthcare.

“I’m excited to join the Delphinus Board of Directors,” he shares. “New technologies are needed to improve breast cancer detection and diagnosis, particularly for women with dense breast tissue. Delphinus’ proprietary technology has the potential to advance screening for these women and also provideclinical differentiation of benign and malignant breast masses. I believe this combination will be an important contribution to breast cancer detection.”

“We are extremely pleased that Ron is joining Delphinus’ Board of Directors,” commented Paul McCreadie, managing director of Arboretum Ventures and Chairman of the Board of Delphinus. “With his foremost experience and leadership in the breast ultrasound space, and unparalleled success in securing a regulatory-first, we look forward to his contribution and direction.Ron’s knowledge of the market will benefit Delphinus greatly as we move forward with commercial activities.”

Delphinus is the first company to design and manufacture a breast ultrasound system that utilizes ring transducer technology to transmit and receive ultrasound signals.SoftVue captures reflection echoes from all directions around the breast and gathers transmitted signals coming through the breast, something no other ultrasound system, currently available, can do. With a short scan time of one to two minutes per breast, SoftVue presentsa complete image map of the whole breast, providing a consistent and uniform exam without reliance on operator skill and technique.

From Mark Morsfield, CEO of Delphinus, “We look forward to Ron’s participation on our Board. He brings a strong knowledge and experience base withinbreast ultrasound, having gained remarkable success where others have not. We’re very enthused to have the opportunity to share in his technical, regulatory, and strategic insight, as we move ahead to fully commercialize our SoftVue technology.”

About Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc.
Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc., a Michigan-based company, has developed SoftVue™, the firstcircular array transducer technology that has received FDA clearance. The patented technology is a whole breast ultrasound tomography imaging device that delivers no radiation, requires no compression, and images the entire breast with a single scan. SoftVue is indicated for use as a B-mode ultrasonic imaging system and is not intended to be used as a replacement for screening mammography. For more information, visit

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Arboretum Ventures is a venture capital firm specializing in the healthcare sector. Founded in 2002, the firm manages $235 million in capital and has invested in more than 30 companies, five of which have exited with an aggregate valuation of approximately $1 billion. Arboretum invests throughout the United States, with a preference for Midwest opportunities, targeting capital efficient companies that can meaningfully reduce healthcare costs in key areas of expertise: devices, diagnostics, services, and IT. For more information, please visit

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