Think Differently About Dense Breast Screening 

With standard mammography missing up to 50% of cancers in women with dense breasts, It’s time to change the approach to dense breast screening

Every woman with dense breasts should be offered an effective supplemental screening exam that not only provides diagnostic confidence but offers a level of patient comfort that is unmatched by any other breast imaging device. SoftVue™ is THE SOLUTION for dense breast screening:  

  * Indication for Use supports same-day screening as mammography

  * 20% increase in sensitivity

  * 8% increase in specificity

  * Operator efficiency, no specific license or degree required

  * No Compression, No radiation

  * Complete bilateral exam in 10 minutes 



The SoftVue™ Difference

SoftVue is the first supplemental imaging modality to improve both sensitivity and specificity in breast cancer screening for women with dense breasts.  The ease of use of the SoftVue system is a benefit for clinical workflow as operators do not require specific licensure or degree. Almost any breast center team member can be trained to operate the SoftVue system and the SoftVue system can support imaging 60 patients per week. In addition, SoftVue offers a level of comfort unmatched by any other breast imaging modality on the market. 

95% of women who experienced a SoftVue exam would recommend it to other women


The SoftVue™ Workflow

The SoftVue exam is completed in just a few easy steps and the image review is straightforward. Following image acquisition, the reflection, sound speed and attenuation sound signals are reconstructed and presented in the coronal plane offering four image sequences for radiologists to use during interpretation in conjunction with a woman’s mammogram. 

SoftVue Exam Workflow

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