Do You Have Dense Breasts?

Breasts are made up of different types of tissue, including fat. When there is more tissue than fat in the breasts, the breasts are considered dense. Nearly 50% of women have dense breasts. The problem is that both dense tissue and cancer appear white on mammography which makes detecting cancer difficult in dense breasts with mammography alone. In fact, having dense breasts: 

  1. Increases the risk of developing breast cancer
  2. Mammography misses almost 50% of cancers in women with dense breasts


SoftVue is the Solution for Dense Breast Screening

SoftVue™ was invented and FDA approved to address the problem associated with imaging dense breasts. SoftVue is based on ultrasound technology, meaning it operates with the same kind of harmless soundwaves used to image babies in pregnant women. Cancers are easier to detect on ultrasound because cancer appears dark on ultrasound images, in contrast to white breast tissue, making it easier for a radiologist to find cancers in women with dense breasts compared to screening with mammography alone.

The individual lies on their stomach on a comfort-padded table placing one breast at a time in a warm water bath. SoftVue™ uses a circular imaging ring that surrounds the breast while it is immersed in warm water. The imaging ring emits soundwaves that travel through and around the breast capturing images every 2 millimeters as it moves from the nipple to the chest wall.

  • 20% increase in cancer detection when combined with mammography

  • NO compression, NO radiation

  • Comfortable 2-3 min scan per breast 

  • 95% of women would recommend SoftVue to other women



Do you want a SoftVue exam?

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