Trifecta of Sound

Introducing a singularly unique approach in transducer design, SoftVue™ incorporates over 2000 transducer elements within a uniform ring configuration featuring TriAD™ triple acoustic detection. This remarkable imaging capability gathers not only reflected echoes, but quantifies the signals transmitted through the breast. The tomographic coronal image presentation delivers an unrivaled view of the structure of breast tissue, and depicts tissue attributes of sound speed and attenuation that can assist physicians in distinguishing normal tissue from areas of concern.


Dynamic Display of Breast Tissue Structure

Sound Speed

Measurable Change in Speed of Sound Moving Through Breast Tissue


Quantitative Variance in Sound Signal Interacting with Breast Tissue

  • Each transducer element emits and receives ultrasound signals in a sequenced 360° circular array surrounding the entire breast, scanning automatically from the nipple to the chest wall
  • Image acquisition is conducted in 2mm increments as the transducer moves along the breast
  • TriAD™ technology captures not only reflection echoes that define anatomic detail, but also the transmission signals passing through the tissue, quantifying sound speed and attenuation
  • A coronal cross-section image set is presented of the entire breast, displayed in volumetric image stacks for interpretation and comparison with other breast imaging studies

Transducer Design

  • 14-bit data resolution
  • Beam overlap of .5mm
  • 2048 transducer elements
  • .7 mm image resolution
  • 512 channels
  • 22 cm diameter
  • Moves in 2mm increments
  • 2.5 mm beam thickness